Dreaming Out Loud

Dang! It’s been almost a year since I last posted anything here. Better late than never, they say, right? So why, after all this time, am I posting now. Well, it turns out a friend of mine, known affectionately as the ‘Crusher of Dreams’, asked me about my website, so… here we are. It would not be right for her to check out the site and see an almost year old post, now would it? So, today’s post — aptly named, I think — is dedicated to the Crusher of Dreams. By the way, for those wondering, I shot and processed this with my iPhone 4S while down in Monterey, California, a wonderful place I and my family fell in love with.  I posted this shot over on Instagram as well, where you can find me @jacquesgude.

Soul Surfer
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“Bout time. LOL Always a pleasure checkin’ out your stuff Jacques.
Great shot.

Mighty kind of you, Bob and Jim! Thanks!

It could have been a picture of a cat and I would have been excited about it! So glad the Crusher has such influence and so glad to see a post from the freq! Dreamy my friend!