Lair of the Sun God

While hanging out in Moab, Utah the other day, we took a nice long hike up to Gold Bar and Bowtie Arch, just a few outside Arches National Park.  It was a stunning place to hike, with some of the coolest rock formations I had seen in the area.  Luckily we started out early in the day, reaching the arches before high noon.  The walk back was a different story.  It was dang HOT , especially since we had drained all the water we had carried on the hike before we made it back to the ice chest full of water and root beer waiting in the van.  Once back at the van, we tore into the water like madmen; I think I chugged down two liters of water in under a minute, then dumped another liter over my head.

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Got to stay hydrated bud! Beautiful image! Love the placement of the arch in the background rather than up front – allows a better understanding of the entire landscape!

Thanks, Jim! Appreciate that!

i enjoyed a lot looking at this shot, in particular its textures, when I saw it in your instagram feed, but here it takes a whole new dimension! State of the art processing and composition Jacques!

Hey there, Luis! Thanks very much for the kind words. I’ve got to start posting a few more here on the blog, but I have not done so yet because I’ve been a bit busy settling back in to the Washington, DC area. Hope to get some more up soon! Cheers.