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…and to all a good night!

I grabbed this shot in front of my parents’ fireplace Christmas morning.  My mom really does the house up right for Christmas; there is nary a surface in the house devoid of Christmas spirit.  My daughters did a quick informal count of Santa Clauses around the house and stopped at about sixty-four.  Awesome!

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Tickling the Ivories

There are a few things that always make my URBEX trips rock, namely, chairs, stairs and… pianos!  I saw and photographed them all during my most recent return to the Asylum in the Woods and was not too put off by the ghostly tunes old Mr. Kimball tickled out on these ivories.

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American Psycho

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s dang creepy exploring abandoned asylums on your own, particularly when you come across a scene like this.  Who knows what lurks behind the next turn… a zombie, an angry specter, or, worse still, a psycho!

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The Throne Room

I shot cool old chair during my recent second solo visit to the abandoned asylum in the woods, this time visiting several buildings as part of my continued mapping of the complex, as well as part of my continued breaking-in of my recently acquired Sony NEX 7.  So far, this is probably my favorite of […]

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You know the Drill

It’s been a dog’s age since I had a good URBEX explore, but I finally got fairly good does recently.  I’d been hankering to visit this old abandoned asylum in the woods for a really long time, but had not taken the time to research specific location and infil/exfil routes.  Had a little time after […]

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