In my last post here on the blog, I mentioned a recent visit to Elle Fashion Week here in Bangkok.  Admittedly, it was my first visit to fashion show, prompted my my daughter’s interest in the fashion industry.  What a fantastic experience.  All the beautiful people were there, in all their splendor, making for some great photographic opportunities.  Take this stunning model, for example.  I can’t imagine what it take to maintain the physiques “required” in the industry to walk the cat walk, oh yeah the catwalk… as they do their little turn on the catwalk (think Right Said Fred).  Anyway, I digress.  Let me let the photo to do the talking instead!

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The lighting is spot on and what an overall sharpness that you got here! Great result that you got here, looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks, Luis! I was very please with what I was able to capture with the Sony A7r and the Zeiss 35mm/2.8 FE ZA. And the other great thing was that I was able to make that square crop with confidence, knowing the image quality would remain given the 36 megapixels of resolution I started with. No I just need a great 24mm 1.4 lens to match to that body, and perhaps a great 85 or 90mm lens (1.4 would be great!), and I’ll be set!

You might be lucky finding a 90mm lenses for the a7r, Jacques. According to sony’s lens roadmap, they should come out with a 90mm f2.8 macro next year. Unfortunately a 24mm seems not to be on the pipeline…