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On going overboard…

You ever have one of this photographs that you just can’t edit to your satisfaction? This is one of those… it was a bright day and not a cloud in the sky, so a very boring straight blue sky. Also, not a very inspired composition, so… I decided to get crazy with some textures and […]

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The Cape of Columns

I really enjoyed the years I spent in Greece, though I was not very good at the photography and post-processing thing back then.  Still, I did manage to capture a few images I like, this being one. This is a shot of a temple in Sounion, Greece, which was once mentioned in Homer’s poem the […]

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The Romance of Paris

Paris is such a beautiful city, with so many places to stroll through enchanted streets in the evenings with someone you love. This lovely road at in the Montmartre neighborhood is just such a place. So, if you ever do get a chance, do take the hand of someone you love and walk along those […]

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Standing out

As part of the continuing evolution of this blog, I’m likely going to share more and more about my explorations and of the gear I use (or have used) in those explorations. That could include a wide range of stuff from cameras, travel related gear, accessories and more, snd will likely cover things I like… […]

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Duck… duck…

I’ve been thinking more and more about posting reviews of things I buy, and cool hacks I learn, etc.?  Is there any interest out there of that sort of thing? If so, should I do it on a separate page of this website, or within the daily blog? It just seems that as many things […]

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