While I’m not allowed to give much away until 12 September (gag order until Macphun Aurora 2018 pre-order date), I can tell you that I am incredibly impressed with the quality of images Aurora HDR 2018 gives me WITHOUT A SINGLE OTHER EDIT!!  I struggled for years with Aurora, Photomatix, Nik HDR and other software solutions, all of which started with a baseline photo that was already a little wonky and unrealistic looking.  If I want wonky and unrealistic… I mean creative ;-), I’ll introduce that with my OWN edits, not have the HDR software do it for me, right?!?  Well, I can promise you that through my last week of playing with the beta version of Macphun’s latest offering, Aurora HDR 2018 produces sublime reality right out of the box.  But there is so much more to this latest release that I love, all of which I will share starting on 12 September, so do come back for more info then!  Check out this shot, straight out of Aurora HDR 2018 with no editing whatsoever.

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