Cooking up a storm…

I love this old abandoned kitchen at this decaying sanatorium in Germany. I wonder how many people they cooked for in this place. Processing this shot today with the soon to be released Aurora HDR 2018 and already released Luminar Neptune brought back some truly awesome memories of epic urban explorations in Germany, especially in former East Germany.  Try epic stuff there! I’ll post more of those shots here, of course. Oh, and if you want to see what the photograph looked like straight out Aurora HDR 2018, before I added finishing touches, take a look at the image second image in this post.  Some of you may like that version better, but I really prefer the final version I developed in Luminar.


Version of photo straight out of Aurora HDR 2018 before Luminar edits


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Indeed too good versions, but i prefer the darker tones of the Luminar one, they suit this kind of place better, in my opinion.

Yeah, Luis… I do dig those dark tones a lot!