On Fine Art Photography

Often, I find I become bored with showing things they way they appear in real life, rather than the way I see them.  So, rather than a purely documentary capture and treatment of the final image, I tend more towards what many would call fine art photography.  To me, abandoned environments lend themselves quite well to more of an artistic approach, though I know many out there are more purist when it comes to such things.

On another note, I noticed Amazon had one of those tasty daily deals on a 40-watt home theater soundbar from TaoTronics. Decide I’d order one up to give it a whirl. I’ll give my impressions here on the blog once it shows up and I get to try it out.

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Both the mural and your photo are great pieces of art Jacques! however, the mural doesn’t exist anymore, so it seems that fine art and documentary photography can sometimes go hand in hand. great dark tones and light!

Hi Luis! So sad to hear it’s no longer there. Great point about documentary and fine art sometimes being able to exist together, and to even complement one another!