My daughter and I love looking at the stars, and we both get excited at the prospect of one day getting chance to shoot some awesome Milky Way shots. While discussing that and the awesome film Interstellar we had watched yet again the other day, we chatted about some of the amazing craters across the world caused by comets. So, for my awesome daughter, here’s a scene I captured during an epic Route 66 adventure! Enjoy!

On another note, I’ve been using Wacom tablets in my photo editing workflow for years, and love them dearly. I’m, currently using an older Wacom intuos 4 (Model PTK-440) small pen tablet.  Is it worth considering an upgrade to the newer tablet?  If so, do folks recommend the new Intuos Photo Pen and Tablet (CTH590PK) over the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and pen (PTH451)?


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