Standing out

As part of the continuing evolution of this blog, I’m likely going to share more and more about my explorations and of the gear I use (or have used) in those explorations. That could include a wide range of stuff from cameras, travel related gear, accessories and more, snd will likely cover things I like… and don’t like. Also, starting tomorrow, I think I’ll spend a few weeks posting photo from many of the places I have explored around the floor, all of which will be dedicated to those out there who may not have had the good fortune to getting too far afield from their own part of the world. I’m doing that to both share the beauty I have seen with those of you out there who enjoy seeing what’s out there (but have not yet had the chance to explore), and as a reminder to myself to not take for granted what I’ve been able to see through the years. And since I promised one very close friend in particular that tomorrow’s shot will be from Paris, France, that is what it will be! In the meantime, here’s one from the undergrounds of Berlin, Germany.

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