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I love reflections… whether in windows, mirrors or water. This one represents one of my favorite scenes during a recent road trip through the south. I think my post-processing may be a bit too heavy-handed here, so I may reedit this again soon. What do y’all think? Should I re-edit?

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The File Room

Woke up this morning unsure about what I should post today, so I started going through some of my URBEX collection. I suppose I would typically try to bring more light to the whole shot as part of my HDR processing, but that just did not feel right. Instead, I marked things down to the […]

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Ghost Ship

Y’all know I do love me some URBEX, right? Well, if there is one type of URBEX I’ve not yet been able to do that I would consider s “grail” desire, it would be shooting the inside of an derelict ship! I seem to recall seeing pictures some years back from the inside of this […]

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The beauty of it…

Sometimes one can be at a loss for words when trying to describe the beauty of it… the beauty of what we see in front of us, but that we take for granted everyday.  So, right now, I’m just going to admire the beauty of it… yeah, that’s it.  The beauty of it… Peace out.

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Back to the Basics

I spend much of my time in photographic post-processes playing with light, either bringing it back as I remembered it, or darkening things down, but sometimes, especially in darker spaces with just a bit of light, I like to focus on the beauty of the light as it is. Here is one such shot, pretty […]

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