Final Cut

On a whim, I decided to drive up to Philly from the D.C. area to re-visit one of my favorite haunts, Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP). Had a chance to visit my aunt there… in Philly, not at ESP, and then spend the afternoon exploring the corridors of the former State Pen. Came away with some really nice photographs, some HDR (shot with my Sony), and some straight non HDR shots with the Leica. Here’s one from the Leica. More to come in down the line.

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Hi Jacques,
I missed your wonderful photo-art and your thoughts for so many months, but always kept your link “Exposed by the light”. So happy, that you are sharing both with us again.
Uli Stein/Germany

Thank you so much Uli!! So glad you stuck around. I am incredibly committed to this passion of mine, photography… and especially URBEX, so please stay around because there will be more and more to come my friend!!

Loving this one, the DoF is phenomenal and the details on the chair are razor sharp!

Thanks Luís! That was a single shot at f1.7 on the Leica Q. I absolutely love that camera and lens combination!