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Special Treatment

I found this particular room in the basement of an abandoned hospital in former East Germany. I wonder what this chair was used for. I want to believe it was just regular dentistry, but part of me wonders if it was part of some other type of special treatment protocol.  

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Between the light and the darkness

When it comes to Urban Exploration, there are a few things that always exit me… old chairs… and old stairs! I really dig this particular set of stairs and the amazing light that shone upon them from above.

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Songs from the Big Chair

I loved the look of this chair in this oddly small room. I seemed somewhat surreal… some kind of optical trickery. Seemed a great scene to have a play with the sun light while listening to an awesome awesome ‘Chill’ music editing this at three in the morning. Now that it’s done, I’m gonna get […]

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I was somewhat hesitant to post a street photography shot today, since I’ve been on somewhat of an URBEX bent. Still, why not mix it up, right? So here’s a shot from… well… the street.

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Moon over Paris

I’ve mentioned before how much I loved Paris. What a great city, and what a great country.  Here’s one I shot at the Louvre at night. I think this one deserved the more cinematic treatment.

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