Around the Bend

Here’s a shot from Horseshoe Bend, a mere few miles outside of Page, Arizona.  We ended up spending a second night in Page to make sure we had a chance to see Horseshoe Bend, hike through Antelope Canyon, and swim in Lake Powell.  If you are into the outdoors, you have got to visit Page.

Line of Sight

It occurred to me that I had not posted anything from our stop in the Grand Canyon yet.  What can I say about the Canyon?  Spectacular!  While we had initially planned to hit the North Rim, we instead visited the more “touristy” South Rim.  Guess I’ll have to get back there soon to see what things are like on the North Rim.

Takin’ it Easy on Route 66

Rather than try to see everything there is to see along Route 66, I’ve instead adopted the ‘Take it Easy’ approach to things. I’m just laying back, takin’ my time. If I see something I want to stop and explore or photograph, I do it. I’m not restricting myself to a set schedule, and I’m not planning out where along the way I will stay for the night. No calling ahead for a motel either. I  just show up and find a place with a vacancy to lay down my head (and process my photos).  Makes live so much more enjoyable, and if I don’t see it all this time, I’ll catch it on the next swing through!



Route 66 is littered with the remains of old cars that had attempted the drive westward to California.  Here are a couple of nice old relics I found during the Arizona stretch of the Mother Road.

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