Around the Bend

Here’s a shot from Horseshoe Bend, a mere few miles outside of Page, Arizona.  We ended up spending a second night in Page to make sure we had a chance to see Horseshoe Bend, hike through Antelope Canyon, and swim in Lake Powell.  If you are into the outdoors, you have got to visit Page.

Line of Sight

It occurred to me that I had not posted anything from our stop in the Grand Canyon yet.  What can I say about the Canyon?  Spectacular!  While we had initially planned to hit the North Rim, we instead visited the more “touristy” South Rim.  Guess I’ll have to get back there soon to see what things are like on the North Rim.

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

One of the scariest movies I recall seeing as a kid was “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf”. Long story short, dad and son are off in the woods on a night hike; werewolf attacks dad; next full moon, much like the one in this shot from Yosemite, Bob’s your uncle… and dad’s a werewolf. I shot this one at Yosemite the other day with my iPhone and processed it today with a few of my favorite iPhone apps. Some might be surprised to learn I shot this during the brightest part of the day; and yes, I added the moon and stars after the fact with an iPhone app. If folks are interested in finding out how I post-process my shots with the iPhone, I might try to pull together a small step-by-step at some point.


Fire Engine Red

As I sit here in my hotel room, at the end of the first day of our road trip across these United States, I reflect upon the cool places we hit today, including Yosemite National Park and Mono Lake. As this is a family trip, I’m rolling light in terms of camera gear, sporting only my recently acquired iPhone 5 and my trusty Fuji X100. Here’s a shot I grabbed at Yosemite earlier today with the iPhone (post-processed with the iPhone as well), and it’s not a landscape shot, though I’ll have one or two of those I’ll post at some point as well.


Lone Cypress…

Two days of posts in a row. Can you believe it? I sure can’t. Well, it’s true, and below is the proof. I shot and processed this one, again with the iPhone 4S, while exploring the scenic 17-Mile Drive through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove, on the Monterey Peninsula, in Northern California. There is such stunning beauty to behold there that I processed this in a way that would hopefully communicate the “feeling” I had while there, that is often hard to convey verbally. If ever you find yourself in that area, do go check this place out. By the way, I’ve heard (not sure of true), that this tree is owned my one of my favorite movie stars/directors, Clint Eastwood, as part of some partnership, and that the tree is either trademarked or copyrighted. If that’s true, I’d say that’s pretty lame. Anyway, behold… The Lone Cypress! By the way, the Grandfather of HDR photography himself, good old Trey Ratcliff, over at Stuck In Customs, posted a shot of the same tree over on his fab site as well, on 6 April. Check it out HERE!

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