Abandoned Railhouse

I absolutely love discovering places like this from a whole new angle. Shooting these as Aerials with the drone is super cool, and it reminds me of my days as a kid building out railroad dioramas and model diooramas!


I recently had the opportunity to explore an abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium I’d been wanting to infiltrate for YEARS! And what a treat it turned out to be, and I barely had a chance to scratch the surface of that massive hospital complex. I decided to start with the main building, since I was able to sneak into the back side through the woods, infiltrating directly through the very creepy morgue. I hadn’t actually realized where I was until I turned back to the entrance and spotted the nine “lockers”, some of which still contained the sliding drawers were all so familiar with from movies and TV. I’ll post more from the visit, and will hit that location again in the future because I really only explored the first couple floor of only the one main building.

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