Accidentally on Purpose

Yesterday the kids and I headed to Shasta Dam for a full-on tour of that amazing facility.  As this was a family outing, and since I’ve kind of grown tired of carrying a lot of camera gear, I was armed with only my little Fuji X100. Interestingly, one of the guides remarked something along the lines of, “oh, that’s one of those old film cameras. That was pretty cool!  On our way back topside, I spotted this point of view out of the corner of my eye.  Sadly, there was no time to stop, compose and shoot (we were behind schedule on the tour, it seems), so I raised the camera up as quickly as I could (while still walking) and accidentally snapped this one on purpose!  Sure, it’s blurry (did not even have time to focus), but I got the shot and I really like it!  Ain’t that what counts?

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