Complete Peace

One thing I find I don’t do enough of is to photograph more people, though I think I’ll be doing a lot more and more of that as I settle in to life in Thailand.  The streets are full of such great characters, that it would be an absolute shame not to attempt to capture at least some of it.  Take this fellow, for example.  Not a care in the world, it seems.  I want to imagine that he sleeps and dreams well.  I was not too keen on waking him to find out though.

Dreams of Angkor Wat

There is so much to see here in Thailand, that one could spend several years trying to explore everything it has to offer, and barely scratch the surface.  It’s quite daunting, quite frankly, but in a great way.  Still, I do dream of exploring neighboring countries, like Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.  And, speaking of Cambodia, Angkor Wat, in Siem Reap, is at the top of my list of places to visit.  Have you been there already?  If so, do you any recommendations for the best way to enjoy a visit to that location?  By the way, the word Angkor means city, and the word Wat means temple; thus the translation for Angkor Wat is “city temple”.  Did you know that?  I snapped this one with an old iPhone I had with me while visiting the Dream World amusement park in Bangkok, Thailand; I used a few filters on the iPhone to get this look.


While there are, of course, the typical tourist sites to explore and photograph here in Bangkok, Thailand, there is so, so much more.  Like any city, some of the more ubiquitous subject matter include construction site, in all states of completion, like this one here.  To get that miniature, toy-like, effect you see here, I put myself above the location, at one of the BTS Skytrain Station, and then used a tilt-shift filter to finish the look.

The Girl and the Shark

Bangkok, Thailand is home to some pretty awesome malls, one of which, Siam Paragon, houses the fabulous Siam Ocean World aquarium.  Most definitely worth the visit if you are in the area.

Lair of the Tooth Fairy

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