Seeking a more perfect union

When a good friend with whom I’ve explored many abandoned building with learned I had added a Sony A7rIII camera body to my arsenal, he suggested I could perhaps compared to the original A7r and the follow-on hit the A7rII. I think that’s a great idea, is I’ll try to share my thoughts here when I can. I also added a new lens to my kit, the fantastic Voigtlander 15mm Super Wide-Heliar f/4.5 E-mount lens. So, off I went yesterday to play around with the combo, which could very well be, at least for the work I like to do, a more perfect union! Here is a shot I came away with while exploring Washington, D.C., which was certainly a challenge to process given the fact the Adobe’s Lightroom does NOT yet read A7rIII RAW files. That meant I ended up using the A7rIII’s jpeg files instead to merge in Macphun’s (now called Skylum) Aurora HDR 2018. Further complicating my efforts to present a better photograph, I forgot to turn off the camera’s awesome in-body image stabilization (IBIS) while I had her mounted on my tripod for the shot. Not good… leaving IBIS in on ended up giving me an imperfect result because the body kept trying to compensate for movement even though there was none, and that cause misaligned shots. Doh! I won’t make THAT mistake again! In any case, I absolutely LOVE the A7rIII and I also love the Voigtlander (for those who know me, you probably know I simply love shooting super wide angle lenses). More to follow as I continue to master the A7rIII (and the Voigtlander lens).

Details Matter

Sometimes when I am looking for the right scene to capture I’ll really focus on the fine details of what I saw while out exploring. This shot is a great example, as you can learn a lot in the little things… things that may help you visualize what may have happened at a given location sometime long ago. What can you gather about this shot in an abandoned chemical lab in former East Germany?


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