The Enchanted Wood

Here’s shot I took on one of my recent photography road trips, which I’ve been making a lot more since returning this past summer to the US after three years living in Thailand, and I have several more road trips planned this year, including an Epic URBEX shoot in Detroit with an awesome group of photographers with whom I’ve become good friends over the years.  I often find myself drawn to creating scenes reminiscent of the amazing Grimm’s Fairy Tales my mother used to read me as a child.  They were, of course, the German versions, in German, the way they were meant to be experienced, rather than the watered down versions most Americans are familiar with. The tales I heard were detailed, often scary, and ALWAYS had a good lesson about life and love!


Very artistic Jacques!

Hey man! Good to see ya! Thanks a ton Mike. See you in Detroit!

The Big Apple

New York… what’s not to love about New York! I have a very dear friend who’s never been to New York, so this shot is for YOU! Hey, if it’s any consolation, I never made it to The Big Apple for the first time until I was two years older than you are now!

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