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Baron Rudolf von Reindeer

In keeping with the Christmas and Holiday Season, you’re likely to see a lot of photographs from me, throughout the month of December, with a Holiday theme, though with my special fotofreqy twist.  And so, today, I give you Baron Rudolf von Reindeer, ’cause if Old St. Nick needs to get around town quickly, and […]

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A long, long time ago… in a room filled with Airfix model boxes, glue and paint, I, too, was a kid!  Yes; it’s true! I swear! And, like many kids, I used to LOVE building model airplanes… and then BLOWING them up!!!  Yeah, I was one of THOSE kids.  Running around the Luftwaffe Museum in […]

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Pull Up! Pull Up!!

I guess I really have nothing to say today, other than to note that I went out to shoot some brackets and video (with the built in HD Video facility of the Leica D-Lux 5) for a few upcoming tutorials on shooting with specialty lenses, including the Lensbaby Composer (which I used for today’s post), […]

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Broken Wing

Another long day at the office today, I almost decided to skip another day of posting, but as you can see, I did not.  Today’s work is inspired by by another of my favorite bands, Alter Bridge and is merely an excuse to get you all to listen to one of my favorite songs of […]

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All guns blazing…

When I saw this display the other day at the German Luftwaffe Museum in Gatow (which is a must visit if you come to Berlin), I thought immediately of one of my favorite rock songs from back in the day: ‘All Guns Blazing’, by hard rockin’ Judas Priest!  Somehow the lyrics to that song just […]

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