All Spark

The All Spark

What kid doesn’t dig giant mechanical beings facing off on the field of battle, guns and rockets blazing, deciding the fate of a world in the never-ending battle between good and evil?  I remember playing a really cool series of computer games many years back, all part of the MechWarrior franchise; man those were cool!  And speaking of franchises, how ’bout ‘Transformers’, and the fact that the third installment, ‘Transformers 3’ is out this summer (yeah, I know the second one was not that good, but we can hope, no?)!  It’s only fitting that I post-processed this shot from Sunday’s shoot at the abandoned paper mill, since this room reminded me of one ‘Transformers’; you know, robots in disguise.  This machine was one of the most difficult subjects to shoot that day, because the space I had to work in to get this perspective and composition/framing was REALLY tight; there was just not a lot of room for me to maneuver to position my camera and tripod, even with my lens set to 14mm.  No way would I have been able to accomplish this without using the LiveView mode (framing the scene at 100 percent using the screen on the back of the camera to compose/frame the shot live) on my trusty Nikon D700.  Since I had to get, quite literally, down and dirty to get this low perspective, it was a good thing I wasn’t wearing my Sunday best!  By the way, I listened to the score from the first ‘Transformers’ movie while post-processing and writing this blog entry, for those keeping track.

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