angels & airwaves

Start the Machine

When I first looked at this scene, I thought, “Mangler”! I figured I would come home and process this to Judas Priest belting out the song ‘Grinder’, while at the same time thinking about Stephen King’s fab short story, “The Mangler”.  My wife put the brakes on that, however, after she was forced, for the third or fourth time, to hear me jamming to Rob Halford screaming, “Grinder, lookin’ for meat…”   So, I chose something more acceptable to her discerning palate: Angels & Airwaves’ Start the Machine. In the end, I think I was actually happier with the outcome than I would have been had I gone for a darker theme.  So, you can thank my lovely wife for today’s piece!  BTW, I REALLY dig the toy piano intro in Start the Machine.  Give the song a listen if you have not heard it yet.

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