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On Fine Art Photography

Often, I find I become bored with showing things they way they appear in real life, rather than the way I see them.  So, rather than a purely documentary capture and treatment of the final image, I tend more towards what many would call fine art photography.  To me, abandoned environments lend themselves quite well […]

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Who would you call…

… if you knew you had only one hour left on this earth?  Why not call them before that time comes to tell them how much you love them?

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Music to my ears…

Here’s another shot I edited with my new workflow, which as I noted previously involves merging HDR brackets in Aurora HDR 2018, followed my finishing touches in Luminar.  Once I’ve got a solid workflow down, I’ll see if I can record a quick video tutorial to post on my YouTube channel for those who might […]

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Cooking up a storm…

I love this old abandoned kitchen at this decaying sanatorium in Germany. I wonder how many people they cooked for in this place. Processing this shot today with the soon to be released Aurora HDR 2018 and already released Luminar Neptune brought back some truly awesome memories of epic urban explorations in Germany, especially in […]

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The Generator Room

Here’s a shot from one of my explores to an awesomely dilapidated old generator building at an abandoned sanitarium near Berlin, Germany. It’s the kind of place just screaming out for High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.  For this shot, I used the new Aurora HDR 2018 to bring the eight brackets together, before finishing things […]

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