Tow Away Zone

Here’s another URBEXy shot from my recent explore of Baltimore.  Have to admit there were some cool times in some of those seedy alleys where I wished I had brought my Nikon D700 and at least a super wide angle lens along.  In fact, I had the same feeling during my visit, the week prior, to Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP) up in Philadelphia.  Well, don’t worry.  I’ve lined up a return visit to ESP for tomorrow, this time with with the dSLR and a few lenses.  Looking forward to re-exploring and re-shooting with the big rig!  Looking forward to getting something out on the site this Monday from that shoot!

Double “AA”

While driving around Baltimore yesterday, these power pylons caught my eye. Looking at their shapes, with the letter “A” as part of their architectural design, as well as the fact that they were snuggled together like a couple of batteries in a giant toy, calling it ‘Double “AA”‘ seemed appropriate. What do you think?

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