Double “AA”

While driving around Baltimore yesterday, these power pylons caught my eye. Looking at their shapes, with the letter “A” as part of their architectural design, as well as the fact that they were snuggled together like a couple of batteries in a giant toy, calling it ‘Double “AA”‘ seemed appropriate. What do you think?

Looking for Mr. Smith…

Think about it.

Which way did I go?

Been on a Black & White photography kick for a few days now and really enjoying it. If I see something I want to shoot and process in color, I’ll do that I suppose. Still having lots of fun with my iPhoneography, posting daily to Instagram (you can find me there as @JacquesGude if you like). May take the X100 (and the iPhone of course) for a photowalk around the streets of DC this weekend to see what I can find. My D700 feels so unloved these days. Heh heh! I think the days of me lugging my DSLR and an assortment of heavy lenses around with me are coming to an end (except for URBEX shoots); more to follow on that topic.

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