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The Blue Bomber

I had fully intended to post another URBEX shot today, but decided instead to toss this photograph I made down in Bonitas, California last week onto the blog instead. While I was shooting this bad boy, a surfer dude came out of a nearby house and asked me if I wanted to buy it. Uh, […]

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The flying Ford Anglia

The other day I was exploring some of the historic parts for Redding, California, looking for some cool architecture to shoot.  Scouted a good location I shot later that same day (the old Cascade theater I posted a couple of days back), and talked to some interesting people (like Glen, the fellow I photographed and […]

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American Beauty

So this post will give you another snap shot into how I think, and how I link things in my mind.  First, I’m big into “threes”:  I like movies, music… and old cars. The name of the post, American Beauty, refers to the car, a beautiful 1941 Buick Eight, but it is also the title […]

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