Cold War

On Fine Art Photography

Often, I find I become bored with showing things they way they appear in real life, rather than the way I see them.  So, rather than a purely documentary capture and treatment of the final image, I tend more towards what many would call fine art photography.  To me, abandoned environments lend themselves quite well to more of an artistic approach, though I know many out there are more purist when it comes to such things.

On another note, I noticed Amazon had one of those tasty daily deals on a 40-watt home theater soundbar from TaoTronics. Decide I’d order one up to give it a whirl. I’ll give my impressions here on the blog once it shows up and I get to try it out.

Who would you call…

… if you knew you had only one hour left on this earth?  Why not call them before that time comes to tell them how much you love them?


I always love coming across abandoned military gear during my explorations. I’ve discovered some really cool stuff, which I almost always leave where I found it. There’s only one thing I’ve kept from all my URBEX adventures, had it framed and get to appreciate it every time I look up at my wall.  What you see here is NOT that, by the way, but it’s still a cool bit of kit!

The Generator Room

Here’s a shot from one of my explores to an awesomely dilapidated old generator building at an abandoned sanitarium near Berlin, Germany. It’s the kind of place just screaming out for High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.  For this shot, I used the new Aurora HDR 2018 to bring the eight brackets together, before finishing things off in Luminar.  I suppose I could have done most of the edits in Aurora, but I’ve gotten so used to Luminar for my final touches. I began recording a screencast tutorial for this one, but then ended up spending more time on the edit and thought you all might be bored with a longer video.  So, I suppose that begs the question: how long a video tutorial is best for folks?  Five minutes?  Ten?  More? Less?  Let me know your thoughts.  Oh, and what software is the best for such screencast tutorials? Screenflow? Something else?

Did you order the Code Red?

For some reason, this scene reminded me of that great confrontation between Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men.  That has to be one of the greatest speeches in a movie…ever.  To me, it rates right up there with George C. Scott’s speech to his men in Patton.  What do you all think?  Is it sacrilege to put those two performances in the same league?

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