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I am the true vine…

I’ve often been asked what it is I see in photographing during Urban Exploration, and my answer often surprises those who ask.  What I see is forgotten or unseen beauty, waiting to be rediscovered, to be appreciated. While I don’t see that beauty in every place I visit, I immediately know when I’ve found it […]

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Pull Up! Pull Up!!

I guess I really have nothing to say today, other than to note that I went out to shoot some brackets and video (with the built in HD Video facility of the Leica D-Lux 5) for a few upcoming tutorials on shooting with specialty lenses, including the Lensbaby Composer (which I used for today’s post), […]

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Bio Haze

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas that help to keep our creative content fresh.  We become stagnant; stuck in a rut from which we feel there is no escape.  Or, maybe we know there is a way out (there always is), but we can’t seem to figure out where that way lies.  I […]

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