Secret Window

When I saw this scene, I was reminded of Stephen King’s “Secret Window,” as I could imagine myself in such a room, hunched over an old desk pounding out a creepy story on an old typewriter, while listening to One Republic’s “Secrets”. So in the interests of devulging a secret, I should tell you that as of today, I have have been given the privelage, by the good folks at HDR Soft, to offer to my readers (and, quite frankly, to anyone who wants it) a coupon code that’ll knock 15% off the purchase of my current favorite HDR tone-mapping software, Photomatix Pro 4.0 (and actually, I believe the code works for any of their HDR software).  And, just to let you in on another secret, if you happen to decide to use that coupon code, HDR Soft has told me they’ll kick a few bucks my way (at no charge to you, of course), which I plan to put toward the cost of running this site (hey, why not, right).  So, without further ado, the coupon code that will save you 15% on the purchase of Photomatix is, drum roll please, FOTOFREQHDR.  Cool, huh?  All you have to do is plug that bad boy into the COUPON CODE field of the order form after you’ve clicked on one of the”Buy” buttons of the purchase page of HDR Soft’s website; easy, peasy!

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