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Standing out

As part of the continuing evolution of this blog, I’m likely going to share more and more about my explorations and of the gear I use (or have used) in those explorations. That could include a wide range of stuff from cameras, travel related gear, accessories and more, snd will likely cover things I like… […]

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On Fine Art Photography

Often, I find I become bored with showing things they way they appear in real life, rather than the way I see them.  So, rather than a purely documentary capture and treatment of the final image, I tend more towards what many would call fine art photography.  To me, abandoned environments lend themselves quite well […]

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Who would you call…

… if you knew you had only one hour left on this earth?  Why not call them before that time comes to tell them how much you love them?

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I always love coming across abandoned military gear during my explorations. I’ve discovered some really cool stuff, which I almost always leave where I found it. There’s only one thing I’ve kept from all my URBEX adventures, had it framed and get to appreciate it every time I look up at my wall.  What you […]

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Music to my ears…

Here’s another shot I edited with my new workflow, which as I noted previously involves merging HDR brackets in Aurora HDR 2018, followed my finishing touches in Luminar.  Once I’ve got a solid workflow down, I’ll see if I can record a quick video tutorial to post on my YouTube channel for those who might […]

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