Time’s up

I’m enjoying the heck out of shooting lots of non Urban Exploration (URBEX) stuff at the moment, but I have to be honest: I miss URBEXing!  That’s about to change, I think, as I learned from a fella I met here in Redding that there are plenty of URBEXy things to explore here in the Redding area, what with abandoned mines, old mills, junk yards and old Ghost towns.  So, in anticipation of a little California URBEXing, I’ve decided to post a shot from one of my last URBEX adventures in former East Germany.  I photographed this neat hall in the an old Kraftwerk (powerplant) in Vockerode.

A breath of fresh air

For those of you paying close attention, you might have noticed that I had actually posted to this blog earlier today.  Problem was that I was posting a lame shot, rather than something I had created with great care.  Well, that’s just not right.  So, I’ve deleted that post, and replaced it with the shot you see here, which is the one I had intended, since yesterday, to post for you all today.  I can’t describe how amazing it was to stand in this room and just stare at the curtains billowing in the wind.  It felt like that scene in the movie “America Beauty”, where the dude is filming the red plastic bag floating around in the air… absolute peace and beauty; a breath of fresh air.

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