Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!!

First, a HUGE tip o’ the hat to my man +Chris Nitz , the undisputed master of Lego Photography, whose work inspired me to keep my eye open for new photographic opportunities involving… well, Legos. While I was not going to go out and buy my own Legos to set up a scene, I knew I’d eventually find the opportunity to snap a cool shot. That opportunity came the other day when our dear friends (and their children) came over to the house for lunch. As soon as their son reached into his pocket and fished out one of his toys to show me, this Lego Ninja, I knew I had to photograph it. I had my shot (pun intended) when we (dads and kids) headed out to the playground around the corner. It was the boy’s idea to pose our Ninja warrior in the grass, and a great idea it was! (N.B. Yes, Yes! I know! His hat’s on sideways.  So sue me!)

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