Long Exposure

Slow & Steady Lines

Just back from a fab trip to the Baltic, and I brought this back for you.  While I usually shoot HDR, I decided to try something new for a change… A long Exposure in low light!  As this was a family trip, I did not shoot much at all, but my crew was patient enough to indulge me for this 127 second exposure at sunset on Usedom Island.  This one has everything I like, beautiful light and colors, even lines, and an interesting subject.  I have plenty of ideas about how I plan to blend long exposures with HDR, and I’ll be sure to post some of what I end up with here on the blog.  Oh yeah… almost forgot.  What does it take for a shot like this, aside from a camera that allows manual shooting on BULB? Easy” A tripod, some Neutral Density filters (I used three ND filters stacked together to give me a 6 stops of -EV goodness), a cable release, and a little patience.  That’s it!  Now go out there and try it!


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