Mark Garbowski

Washed by the Water

Hey folks!  Great to be with you again, and I’m super pleased to share with you the latest results of the HDR collaboration between Rob Hanson, Mark Garbowski, Brian Matiash, Bob Lussier, Jim Denham, and me.  Yeah, baby.  Six guns strong and ready to rock and roll!  So what’s this all about?  Each week, one photographer in our team will share a set of carefully chosen brackets with the other team members.  Each photographer then post-processes the brackets according to his individual creative vision.  At the end of the week, the originator of said brackets posts the results on their blog for all to see.  What has amazed me most about working with these great photographers is how differently we all see things, whether it is on location while shooting, or back home when we post-process.  I should note that this set of brackets was my favorite of my recent shoot at the abandoned Asylum “T” because I’ve been hunting for a cool old bathtub to shoot forever!  So, without further ado, here’s my version:

Rob Hanson’s Version:

Mark Garbowski’s Version:

Brian Matiash’s Version:

Bob Lussier’s Version:

Jim Denham’s Version:

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