iPhoto, therefore iAm

I’ve had a few people look at some of my iPhoneography portfolio (I never tell them upfront that they are looking at iPhone photos), several of whom have commented: “You must have a great camera!” It takes a while to convince them that I shot and processed the images with only my iPhone. I grabbed this one while walking around the Tidal Basin, in Washington, D.C., between the Jefferson Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial. I pulled the iPhone out of my pocket as soon as I heard the helicopter coming, knowing that they almost always fly fairly low over the basin.

The Keep

When I go out shooting, I don’t just look at the obvious. I look for what lies beneath. Much like a sculptor who sees the beauty and mystery hidden deep within a piece of marble, it’s not what’s there that usually matters most to me, but rather what my mind’s eye sees. One of the reasons I love iPhoneography is that I can shoot, process and post what I “see” in the moment, rather than waiting hours or, more often than not, many days to recreate what I saw.

Little house on the prairie

I’ve been pretty busy lately so I’ve not been keeping up with my website.  Spent the today roaming around a civil war battlefield, shooting and processing several keepers with my iPhone along the way. This is probably one of my favorites of the day, which I posted to Instagram from the front lines, as it were. For those interested in keeping up with me on Instagram, where I post fairly regularly, you can find me there as @JacquesGude if you like.

… in the name of Love!!

Is it me, or have I not been posting much to Google + lately? For that matter, I’ve not been posting much to this website either, have I? What gives? Guess I’ve got the proverbial “too many balls in the air” at the moment. Something’s gotta give, right? Anyway, just so you all know I’m still photographing (when I the Spirit moves me), here’s one I grabbed (and processed) with the ol’ iPhone during a very brief shooting spree today!


Like Vader Like Son

So when my brother found out I was into Legos (particularly Star Wars characters, and more specifically Darth Vader), but that I refused to spend money on stuff like this, he started hooking me up with a toy here and a toy there. Daddy Darth Vader now hangs from my camera bag, while little Vader hangs from my key chan. He also got me a huge Lego Darth Vader Alarm Clock that I’ll start using. It comes without a cape, so I’ll probably find some scrap material to make one up for him.  By the way, I’ve included a shot below the main shot showing you how I created a hasty studio set up in my hotel room to get a little light on the subject.  Like 90 percent of what I’ve been shooting since late fall, this is another iPhone shot.


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