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Whispered prayers our last resort…

Was not sure if I was going to get around to posting today, but what the hell!  Might as well post this Judas Priest (the song Night Crawler in particular) inspired dark URBEX shot.  It’s a  freakish looking beasty, and certainly not something I’d like to run into in this old Sanatorium in the middle […]

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Rose of Arimathea

Today’s shot is another night shot (HDR) from Paris, this time from the amazing summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city.  We spent a few hours up here but, come night fall, my family and the friends traveling with us wanted to get back to the hotel to recharge for the […]

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Chevaliers de Sangreal

Hey folks!  Just got back from an amazing family trip to France (with some good friends along as well) and, while not a photography trip, I did manage to come home with some pretty decent shot.  I’ve decided to share one of my favorites from Paris with you today, in this Hans Zimmer inspired ‘Chevaliers […]

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