Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G

Life is in the hands

So this morning I woke up a few minutes later than I’d hoped, with only a few minutes before the sun would be up here in Northern California. Threw on my shorts and a shirt and headed down to the old Cascade Theater to get some cool shots for today’s blog. Well, I got those shots, as well as some cool tilt-shift shots of an old Ford Anglia parked near the theater, but what I was really taken by were a few people hangin’ out on the street this early morning. People with stories, both in their souls and in their hands. Glen, whose hands you see here, was one such fellow. Glen, who’s had a pretty eventful life, is moving into Redding for a bit, with plans to embark on new adventures soon. I’ll be seeing Glen again soon, as I’ve promised to bring him some prints of the couple of shots I made of him. Once I’ve shown him this post, and gifted him some prints, I’ll ask him if he’d like me to share more of his life with you all.

Tubular Rasa

Most of you are probably familiar with the term Tabula Rasa, the theory that people are born without a built-in programing or mental content (nature); instead, the theory supposes that individuals gain knowledge through perception and knowledge (nurture).  When I came across this old box of test tubes, I imagined that the East Germans who worked here may have used some of these very tubes (and the labs I explored during yesterday’s URBEX) to see what they could do to scribble code into the genes of their society (like their athletes).  By the way, we found some really interesting things (some cool, some bizarre) that provided an interesting snap shot of what the folks who lived and worked here might have been like back in the days of the DDR (aka GDR).


Beautiful Noise

Warning!  Warning! Warning!  I love all kinds of music, from ABBA to ZZ Top and almost everything in between.  Ok, you’ve been warned, so let’s move on!  Today’s shot comes courtesy of… wait for it…  Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise!  I warned you!  Anyway, I love that song, and admit it, you do too.  And, it it fits nicely with what I want to tell ya’ll today.  NOISE (whether in some new music you may never have heard, or thought you’d care to hear, or in a digital photograph) can actually be good. I should note that I am basing this on my own observations when shooting with my Nikon D700, which renders, to my eyes at least, a wonderful, almost organic noise in high ISO images.  Take today’s image as an example (only ISO 1100, by the way).  I almost feel like I shot this with film, natural, tactile, textured, organic grain!  I love it!  To help you better see the quality of the noise the D700 produces, I’ve included some tight crops of the photograph below the main picture (don’t ask me if they are 100 % crops, ’cause I still don’t know what that means, though I suppose I should figure that out if I’m post crops on the ‘net.  I just cropped it in tight enough to show you the noise.  By the way, I shot this on my cluttered study desk, in very low light, using the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G.  Love that lens!

Nikon D700 with Nikkor 50mm f 1.4G, shot at f/1.4, ISO 1100, 1/60 sec.

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