Northern California

The river above the falls

Had a nice afternoon exploring Shasta County and just had to stop to photograph this little stream above Burney Falls.  It felt so peaceful walking around here, despite the fact that the sun was beating down on me like nobody’s business.  I could actually feel my flip-flopped feet melting below me.  I was doing a pee-pee like dance in the hopes that the sun would lose the bead on me, but that helped not at all.  Oh wait!  Maybe I’ll just dip my dogs into the stream to cool off a bit.  Yeah, that’s better!  Ahhhhhh!

Mr. Telephone Man

Our new friends in the Bay area have one of the coolest old houses I’ve ever seen.  I could spend a full day there exploring and photographing everything.  My youngest daughter was especially fond of the “doll house” (play house) built out back by the previous owner for her daughter.  It has fully functioning water, A/C and more.  Heck, I’d live in that kid’s cottage.  Inside the main house, I just had to grab a shot of this awesome old phone box.  Man I love “retro” eye candy!


Don’t get me wrong, I love my big DSLR (currently the Nikon D700) and all the great lenses I have, but dang they get to be a pain in the butt to carry around sometimes.  So when I want to be high-speed, low-drag, and until I one day manage to get my hands on a Leica M rangefinder, I reach for my Fuji X100.  With its small size, classic looks and awesome features, this bad boy satisfies all my needs when it comes to street photography and much, much more.  I shot this photograph of a set of mailboxes while out on a morning walk with my wonderful wife, who I think is a lot more patient with me shooting with this (takes less time) than with my big rig and tripod (too much set up time and finagling for her tastes).

Jeepers Peepers!!

There was just SOOOO much to see in San Francisco that it often felt like sensory overload.  Definitely no way could I see all the cool stuff there in one visit, even after multiple days exploring the city.  I’m planning to head back there again in the coming weeks, if only to get to Alcatraz.  Hopefully I can arrange some kind of private tour so I can take my time exploring and shooting The Rock!  From the penny arcade, where I shot this photograph, I could actually peep Alcatraz in the middle of the bay.  I wonder if the cons there could peep this arcade with a good set of binoculars?

Under the Sea

When my friend Jim told me I was gonna love what he showed me next, I was not sure what I was going to find, but I knew, based on some of the other gems he showed me in San Francisco, that it was gonna be good.  And he was right; this space was awesome.  With the cool banners hanging on the left, I almost felt like I was in some kind of city under the sea, like Atlantis.  Land Shark!

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