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Guardian Fireboat No. 2

I had not really planned to put up a blog post today, but I suppose I should at least try to post something new 5 or 6 times a week, perhaps leaving Sundays as a BLOG POST-free day for me.  While I usually post HDR photography, I started working on this non-HDR shot this morning and liked how it turned out.  I liked it well enough to post on Google + , and it seemed like folks there seemed to dig it, so I thought that you guys who come here to the blog and don’t follow me on  Google + might like to see it as well.  As I mentioned in my  Google + post, I was experimenting with a mix of B&W, high-key, colorizing and, finally, onOne’s FocalPoint software. I may reedit it to fix some mistakes I see, but curious to hear what all of you out there think of this one.

Vision: Do you see what I see?

Recently, my good buddy and Curriculum & Education Manager for onOne Software, Brian Matiash asked me if I’d be willing to allow him to use a few of my photographs in an upcoming webinar series called onOne Takes on…  I was honored and humbled that wanted to use by brackets, and that he would then post-process this live on a webinar to illustrate differences in vision from one photographer to another, and how those differences inform how we each post-process our work.  In today’s post, I’ve posted the photograph of a cool control room I shot at the abandoned WWII (and then and Cold War) powerplant at Vockerode, in former East Germany.  If you watch Brian’s fantastic onOne Takes on… webinar, you’ll see how differently Brian’s vision guided his post-processing of the same photograph (you can watch Brian process my  brackets beginning at minute 35:02 of the video).  Featured in this particular video are works by some of my other awesome photographer buds, Heath O’Fee and Jesse Pafundi (do yourselves a favor and check out their stunning work).  And if you want to learn more about Vision, I highly recommend the books, e-books and website of a photographer I admire both professionally and as an amazing human being, David duChemin.

Here is the great video Brian put together for the first episode in the onOne Takes on… series.

Who controls the key?

Walking through the woods around the abandoned Soviet Nuclear Missile Base Z, never quite sure what I might run into, was exhilarating.  It goes without saying that coming across an intact nuclear storage bunker was quite surreal.  The side you see here is the back side of a 100 meter long storage bunker, covered entirely with trees and dirt.  Anyone flying over this thing back in the day would have had a dang hard time finding it, I’d wager.  Sure wish I could have gotten in to see what the inside looked like.  Come to think of it, I wonder how many RADs this place would register on a Geiger counter these days?

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