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Guardian Fireboat No. 2

I had not really planned to put up a blog post today, but I suppose I should at least try to post something new 5 or 6 times a week, perhaps leaving Sundays as a BLOG POST-free day for me.  While I usually post HDR photography, I started working on this non-HDR shot this morning […]

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Vision: Do you see what I see?

Recently, my good buddy and Curriculum & Education Manager for onOne Software, Brian Matiash asked me if I’d be willing to allow him to use a few of my photographs in an upcoming webinar series called onOne Takes on…  I was honored and humbled that wanted to use by brackets, and that he would then […]

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Who controls the key?

Walking through the woods around the abandoned Soviet Nuclear Missile Base Z, never quite sure what I might run into, was exhilarating.  It goes without saying that coming across an intact nuclear storage bunker was quite surreal.  The side you see here is the back side of a 100 meter long storage bunker, covered entirely […]

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