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Tutorial – Shooting Panoramas with the X100 at Bear Mtn Ranch

I’ve mentioned in a couple of recent posts that I’m really enjoying my Fuji X100, and I think I dig it even more now that I’ve played around a bit with its cool panorama shooting mode.  Since others out there might be interested in seeing how this function works on the X100, I threw together […]

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Warm on the inside

While I continue my deliberations about my future in photography, I’ve promised that I would still post-process and post photographs I’ve take over the last several months, but have just not had the time or inclination to work on.  This shot, of an old spiral staircase, is one I shot during a fairly recent trip […]

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Just because…

I think I sometimes forget why it is, exactly, that I shoot and post-process what I do, and why I maintain a website.  Is it because I want lot’s of people to come see my pictures and enjoy seeing a bit of what I got to see?  Sure.  Is it because I enjoy reading comments […]

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Where Sin and Sorrow are all done away…

Sometimes, we all face a creative block, whether partial or complete.  I had one of those moments today while I pondered how I was going to work the brackets that resulted in the photograph you see here today.  At first, I thought I’d go for something dark, which would have me digging into the heavier […]

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