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They call Me Trinity

Here’s another non-URBEX shot, this time of a cool little Russian Orthodox I found, yesterday, at the top of a hill just inside the woods in Potsdam, Germany.  It being Sunday today, I knew yesterday when I saw this place that I would process it for today.  This one, as you can probably tell, is […]

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My whole world surrounds you…

Hey all.  Got another photo for you from my 11 November shoot at the very cool abandoned Krampnitz Kaserne.  As soon as I walked into this particular room, I was taken! It was just so sublime: the colors, textures, the light, the dark… the loneliness; everything I love about my world, which now surrounds you, […]

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… and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I decided to make a short visit to Krampnitz Kaserne, an old abandoned military German military base in the Potsdam area of Germany.  For those not already familiar with this photographer’s wet dream, you can read more about its history here at the Irish Berliner’s website.  I’ve shot there place several times, 99 percent of […]

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Alone in the dark

I’m one of those guys who loves being alone in the dark, and I surround myself in darkness whenever I can.  My office is dark, my study is dark, and I suppose my pictures are dark as well.  I think if you look at my body of work, you can see what I mean.  Not […]

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In the house of the rising sun…

I really love the effects the Nikkor 24mm f/3.5 PC-E (tilt/shift) lens can produce, and I find myself using it more and more to create an almost doll house effect with some of the images I bring back from my urban explorations.  If you stand alone in room like this long enough, your imagination can […]

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