San Francisco

All-American Diner

To me, diners are as American as… well, Apple Pie!  I thought this one in San Francisco was really cool, as they loaded the place up with all kinds of nifty Americana.  Sure, it’s not an original old diner, but the ambiance is very cool.  By the way, I’m on the hunt for some cool old diners in the Northern California area, as well as old gas stations, old theaters, automobiles, etc.  So, if you’ve got some cool places you’ve come across or heard about, let me know.

Old times they are not forgotten…

I don’t know what it is, but the older I get, the more and more I love the classics: music, architecture, books, gadgets, and cars.  Maybe that’s why I love Urban Exploration (URBEX), who knows.  When we were headed back through the city toward the Bay Bridge, I spotted these great classic cars and had to stop to photograph them.  I would have loved to be able to photograph each and every automobile up close and personal, but it was already closed; there was an amazing old jag on the far end I had my eye on!  Anybody else out there love the classics like I do?  Tell me about it and put  a link to one or two cool old things you’ve photographed recently in your comment.

From on High

What a great day shooting in San Francisco today.  Some fantastic new friends of ours showed us all the great spots, so we spent the whole day out enjoying this amazing city.  We head back out tomorrow for another great day of exploration, and sampling all the goodies Frisco has to offer.  Here is one of my favorite shots of the day.  I suppose if you’ve been following my photography for awhile, you know I love windows, doors/doorways, chairs, and lines.  This one has a bit of each, though the signature chair is missing (I can live with that).  Hope you all dig this one!

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