Bridges of Shasta County

There are just so many cool things to see in Shasta County, I don’t know where to shoot next.  Really having a blast exploring the area, and really love being able to get out in the early parts of the day (to enjoy the great sunrises), the evenings or nights to shoot.  The other day, I showed you all a shot of the  Diestelhorst bridge.  Here it is from underneath (far left), together with Lake Redding bridge (center), and the railroad trestle (far right).

Dam… what a morning!

I was hoping to give you all something really tasty for my first shot from Northern California, but this will have to do for today; light is not the best, but that’s what I get for sleeping in past sunrise!  Maybe I’ll get out somewhere early enough tomorrow to get a sunrise shot.  Been in the Redding, CA area for a few days now, and LOVE it!!  The people here are sooooo friendly, it’s scary (in a good way).  And if you’re an outdoors kind of person, this place has it all.  Definitely think I could live here permanently.  At the moment, we are staying in a hotel (kind of close quarters for four peeps and a dog, but nice), but moving into a great ranch-style house with a pool (my girls are excited about that) and lots of room for the girls (and the dog) to wear themselves out.

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