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Light will Shine

Not much to say today; sorry.  And to top that off, this picture is… Well, I won’t say what I think of it, but it IS a chair (and it’s even shot with my 50mm 1.4 lens), and I’ve not posted one (a chair shot, that is) for quite some time.  But don’t worry, ’cause […]

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what you missed while you were sleeping…

I really liked this scene, especially the interesting wallpaper and the almost shroud-like linen dressing gown laid out across this old hospital ward bed at Asylum “T”.  I could have shot this at an angle, but I really liked the view head on facing the side of the bed because of all the great lines.  […]

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Nifty Fifty

I know I mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again now.  I have too dang many lenses, and it’s cramping my style… or at least my creativity.  That’s why I decided, the last time I went out on an Urban Explore, to limit myself to taking just a few with me.  On top of […]

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Merry Christmas!!

Dear friends; it is my sincere wish that all of you are all blessed, abundantly, with health and love now and in the coming year.  May you all love and be loved, unconditionally!  And, may you all be moved to give selflessly, and meaningfully, to someone less fortunate than yourself!  Happy Holidays to all of […]

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Everything but the kitchen sink!!

I don’t know about you all, but I have WAY TOO MUCH camera gear! Ask my wife if you don’t believe me!  And, sometimes, I think it really weighs me down, not just in terms of the weight I lug around with me to an URBEX shoot, but also creatively.  Far too often, I often […]

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