The Simple Things

Oh, the simple joys in life.  At the roller rink for my daughter’s Birthday Party yesterday (I still can’t believe she’s 13!), I remembered all the great fun I used to have skating at a very similar rink with my folks and my younger brother when I was a kid.  I know my wife has her own great memories of disco days with her best friend at a roller rink in upstate New York.  I’m so glad rinks like this still exist in a few places, like here at Viking Skate Country in Redding, California, where my own kids can get a taste of a life less complicated.  Watching my daughter, her younger sister, and all of their friends out there on the rink, a few on the kind of skates you see here, some on rollerblades, it was such a joy to see they were all out there having a such a blast, hopefully building their own great memories.  Anyone else out there have fond memories enjoying the simple things in life, whether at a rink or elsewhere?



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