orange glow to wash your soul

When I walked into this room the other day, I knew it would end up being one of my favorite shots of the day.  Why?  Well… for one, I love the color orange!  Always have and always will.  The beautiful orange glow coming through these closed curtains was pure perfection.  I had to be careful with my white balance settings on this one, or at least when it came time to adjust the white balance in post-processing, to make sure it looked just as I remembered it.  I’d say the image you see now is pretty dang close to the sultry, warm glow that bathed my soul that day of fabulous URBEX shooting!  Hopefully the song I’ve chose for today, ‘Orange Glow’, by the amazing Amel Larrieux, will get you into the right mood to get a sense of how awesome it was to have the opportunity to photograph this room.  Who needs a CTO gel when you have perfect natural light like this?

Touch the light
orange glow to wash your soul
illuminate you
out of sight
burn your house of pain and watch the flames ignite your breakthrough

~ Amel Larrieux

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