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Hoop Dreams

While exploring the old abandoned former Soviet Base “V”, I came across this great old gymnasium.  It was pretty clear that the Soviets here took their sports very seriously.  It’s no doubt one of the reasons that they were such a power house when it came to the Olympic Games.

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We can be Heroes

It’s hard to describe my reaction after walking into this abandoned room, during Friday’s (4 March 2011) Urban Explore of abandoned former Soviet Military Base “H”, to discover this hidden “heroic” wall mural.  It was a sight to behold, and I’ve tried to convey the feeling in today’s photograph.  In 1958/59, the Soviet might deployed […]

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Remains of the Day

I had actually intended to post another image today, but chose to post-process and upload this one instead, following a great question I received on Twitter today.  The, in short:  When shooting HDR brackets in low light environments, would I rather open the aperture more, or would I rather increase the ISO, if trying to […]

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