iPhoto, therefore iAm

I’ve had a few people look at some of my iPhoneography portfolio (I never tell them upfront that they are looking at iPhone photos), several of whom have commented: “You must have a great camera!” It takes a while to convince them that I shot and processed the images with only my iPhone. I grabbed this one while walking around the Tidal Basin, in Washington, D.C., between the Jefferson Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial. I pulled the iPhone out of my pocket as soon as I heard the helicopter coming, knowing that they almost always fly fairly low over the basin.

Which way did I go?

Been on a Black & White photography kick for a few days now and really enjoying it. If I see something I want to shoot and process in color, I’ll do that I suppose. Still having lots of fun with my iPhoneography, posting daily to Instagram (you can find me there as @JacquesGude if you like). May take the X100 (and the iPhone of course) for a photowalk around the streets of DC this weekend to see what I can find. My D700 feels so unloved these days. Heh heh! I think the days of me lugging my DSLR and an assortment of heavy lenses around with me are coming to an end (except for URBEX shoots); more to follow on that topic.

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