A long, long time ago… in a room filled with Airfix model boxes, glue and paint, I, too, was a kid!  Yes; it’s true! I swear! And, like many kids, I used to LOVE building model airplanes… and then BLOWING them up!!!  Yeah, I was one of THOSE kids.  Running around the Luftwaffe Museum in Gatow yesterday brought back so many of those great memories.  Happily, shooting aircraft with my tilt-shift lens (in this case the fantastic Nikkor 24mm f/3.5 PC-E) helps me relive the exhilaration I felt after completing one of those models and leaning my head in close, at table-top level, to admire my work.  A last look, before… GO TIME, BABY!!  C’mon guys (and gals), I know I’m not the only kid who used to call that fun.  Am I?

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