Alone in the dark

I’m one of those guys who loves being alone in the dark, and I surround myself in darkness whenever I can.  My office is dark, my study is dark, and I suppose my pictures are dark as well.  I think if you look at my body of work, you can see what I mean.  Not that I can’t shoot and process other stuff, but I prefer that kind of work… at least at the moment.  So today I thought I’d let you all take a peek behind the scenes of my workflow to see how how post-process my HDR work.  As you’ll see in the video, I’m a big fan of HDRSoft’s Photomatix Pro, when it comes to pulling my brackets together and tone-mapping my HDR.  So, without further ado, here is the final image and, below that, the video that shows you of how I got there.  Let me know what you think!  (BTW, I’d be grateful if someone could clue me in to how I can properly and center the the video I have up on vimeo with the photo in this blog. I’m using wordpress with P3 and, for some reason, every time I center the video using the ‘Align Center’ radio button, the video disappears and is replaced with only a text link to the video .  Thanks in advance.)

(EDIT: Since posting this, this fine folks at HDR Soft have allowed me the privilege of offering to all of you the coupon code FOTOFREQHDR . That will save you 15% on your purchase of the fantabulous Photomatix Pro (this also works for purchases of Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle, Photomatix Light, Photomatix Plug-In for Apple Aperture, and their Tone Mapping Plug-In for Photoshop CS2/3/4/5.  All you have to do is type the code FOTOFREQHDR or fotofreqhdr into the “Coupon Code if available” box and you save some cold hard cash!)

Fotofreq’s HDR Post-Processing Workflow from fotofreq on Vimeo.

Out of Service

Hey folks! Great news. I took a poll recently and the results are in. I asked if folks out there would be interested in learning my workflow, and the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of me showing what I do to create my photographs. Oh,, and you all did not want to pay anything! No prob! I’ve asked what folks suggested I use to record my workflow, and it looks like the program ScreenFlow (for Mac) is a viable option. I’ll need to learn how to run it, of course, so in the meantime let me leave you with this shot from Beelitz-Heilstätten sanatorium, and a video tutorial I shot about seven months ago when I shot the brackets for that same image. BTW, forgive the lousy audio mix (I’m an amateur, after all; I’ll do better next time). Once I figure out how to use ScreenFlow, I’ll create a new video of my workflow (hoping for sometime this weekend).

URBEX HDR Tutorial 1 from fotofreq on Vimeo.

Out of Service

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